Born in 1985, Daniel Tsal is an artist based in Tel Aviv. Tsal is best known for his photograph works and photographic installations. Tsal’s work deals with the tension between staged photography and spontaneous photography. In contrast with the artistic approach of photo-journalism, he tries to capture a ‘moment’ in the planned, staged scene. His work also relates to abstraction and to the decomposition of the figure.

His latest projects are connecting separately photographed scenes, edited into a single piece with realistic sensation. Yet, deeper inspection reveals optical and substantial gaps which expose the photographic manipulation.

Tsal Studied at the department of Art program at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem (graduated in 2009), and at Staedelschule, Frankfurt, Germany (working with Martha Rosler, Wolfang Tillmans and Simon Starling) as a visiting student (2007/2008).
His works have been displayed in solo and group shows at major art venues such as the MACT & CACT Arte Contemporanea Ticino, Switzerland; Werkstattgallery, Berlin; Contemporary by Golconda gallery, Tel Aviv; Heritage Museum, Las Vegas; STA Gallery; Tel-Aviv, Indie Gallery, Tel-Aviv; Artspace, Tel-Aviv; Barbour Gallery, Jerusalem.